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Custom GPTs

On 6th Nov 2023, many new developer features on the OpenAI platform was announced. At the same time, OpenAI also announced Custom GPT feature for ChatGPT. This new feature in my view has a far greater impact to the general public right at this moment. It has put, artificial general intelligence capabilities a lot closer to us than we would have imagined. For example, I was able to upload data files and create a custom GPT that will be an expert in performing quantitative analysis on such data. Further more, I was able to create many Custom GPTs to assemble a start up team that, with some manual orchestration, be able to come up with ideas and develop business plans. The trick is to create different role playing Custom GPTs.

On this page, I will share my most used custom GPTs. Please, do feel free to get in touch and let me know of issues, hidden gem use cases and more. I hope you find them useful!